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Sierra Monitor provides gas detection systems, flame detectors, and gas monitors for safety of personnel and plants, protocol gateways to interface devices and networks, and telecom remote site management systems.

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Sierra Monitor Corporation, a public corporation, delivers Information Technology for Environment Measurement and Control by developing specialized embedded software that is deployed on proprietary hardware platforms. These product solutions enhance the safety, efficiency and communications capabilities in process control and building automation industries. Embedded software in these products enable data transfer between subsystems using protocol and physical medium translation.

The four primary product groups are:

Gas Detection and Gas Detectors

The Sierra Monitor gas detection division includes a full range of gas detection solutions, from basic fixed point gas detectors to plant-wide multi-point gas detection systems. Sierra Monitor manufactures gas detectors to provide toxic and hazardous gas detection for dozens of gases, oxygen deficiency detection as well as flame detection. Custom gas detection systems are available for industrial and military applications.

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Gas Detector | Protocol Gateway
Gas Detection
Gas Detection

Hazardous gas detection systems including combustible gas detectors, oxygen deficiency gas detector and toxic gas detectors

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Protocol Gateway
FieldServer Protocol Gateway

Protocol converters enabling interoperability between devices utilizing legacy protocols and new open networks

OEM Protocol Gateways
Protocessor OEM Coprocessor

Embedded or external protocol device servers for OEM applications

Telcom Controllers
Telecom Site Management Products

Gas detectors and environment controllers for remote telecom sites

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Gas Detectors News

Alternative Fuel Are Your Maintenance Facilities Prepared for Alternative-Fueled Vehicles? - check out the article in EHS Today by Corey Miller, Sierra Monitor's Alternative Fueled Vehicle Specialist. You will learn about preparing your maintenance facilities to meet fire and gas safety requirements.

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